Do you know WHY?

If you’re familiar with the work of Simon Sinek, (@simonsinek) you know he urges visionaries, change agents and entrepreneurs to discover the “Why” of their work, so that becomes the catalyst to energize and evangelize Who they are and What they do.
And here’s a great example… Citra Health , and this is their why…..

“Why We Do It – If you could make a difference in millions of lives – wouldn’t you do it too?! ”

As a Communications Consultant I meet companies with wonderfully emerging stories. My recent visit to this leading-edge corporation finds them on a remarkable journey – blazing a trail in the tumultuous new world that could be called “Healthcare in the 21st Century.”
Their goal is ambitious – to help physicians and providers navigate new laws and new industry paradigms and make the transition from fee-based medicine to a value-based model that emphasizes doctor/patient relationships and better long-term health.

But what impressed me most is that they have already discovered, and are using, the Why of their business. And you should, too! It’s a powerful employee motivator and corporate driver. More significantly to me as a communications consultant, I believe it immediately ignites interest in hearing more of your story, and align with your companies products or services.

Are you telling your story? Do you even know your story? I can help you uncover it by better understanding who you are, what you do, and, maybe most importantly, why you do it. Know your story and tell it well – internally and to your world.

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