About Storyline



A passionate storyteller and filmmaker, Gary has produced a broad range of long and short form award-winning projects that help his clients tell their stories. He helps them go beyond telling what they do and how they do it better or more effectively; he is able to lead them to open up and self-reveal the passion that drives them.
A story well told engages the audience, calls them to action, and transforms them from customers to believers and even brand loyalists.

Gary has a wealth of experiences with world-class professional communicators from agencies like NKC, J Walter Thompson, O & M, and clients like Ford, VW, Old Spice, Charmin, Red Lobster, Carnival Cruise Line. And leveraging that knowledge, he knows how to find the story in you and your organization that will move people to act. Business or non-profit, national, local or international, Gary speaks the language your audience will understand.


Producer/Writer of TV & Radio commercials, documentaries, corporate videos, human interest and news stories, speeches, brochures, political campaign material, business and sales proposals, press releases and get-out-of the-dog-house loves notes to my wife.

On location in England, Israel, Germany, Italy, Prague, Belgium, Amsterdam, Budapest, India, Argentina, Bahamas, Haiti, Trinidad & Tobago, Belize, Mexico, South America and throughout the USA.