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J I Packer – In His own Words

J I PACKER - In His Own Word's from Storyline.tv on

InLight with Mac Brunson National Promo Spot

"Inlight- with Mac Brunson" - Show Open for Nat'l Broadcast Program from Storyline.tv on

Everyday Heroes – Like Red Ellis

Everyday Heroes - Like Red Ellis from Storyline.tv on

McKenzie’s Gifts Winner – 168 Project Best Evangelical Film

McKenzie's Gift - Winner 2014 - The 168 Project - "Best Evangelical Film" from Storyline.tv on

Do you know WHY?

If you're familiar with the work of Simon Sinek, (@simonsinek) you know he urges visionaries, change agents and entrepreneurs to discover the "Why" of their work, so that becomes the catalyst to energize and evangelize Who they are and What they do. And here's a great example... Citra Health , and this ...